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PQI i-mini USB 3.0 Benchmark

   Posted by: admin

I received this tiny usb drive today. Impressive 32GB. And so I decided to benchmark it.


Not so great. This is using USB 2.0 as my work desktop does not have USB 3.0 but I doubt it will be a significant change. Will check from home for USB 3.0.

Here are the results from a Windows machine with USB 3.0.

Benchmark - USB 3.0

And here are the results from a Windows machine with USB 2.0.

Benchmark - USB 2.0

While I was on it, I decided to benchmark my Corsair Voyager GT 16GB USB 2.0 drive as well. Here you go:

Corsair - Benchmark - USB 2.0


HTC Touch Pro

   Posted by: ilias

I am trying to buy HTC Touch Pro (or AT&T Fuze) but I don’t want to pay more than $350. Everyone sells for at least $400. I keep checking Craigslist and ebay daily. I’ll keep looking until I get it!

Here is the link to the phone online if curious: